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The Definitive Biographical Reference

Since 1977 Forster-Long, LLC has been publishing the industry standard biographical reference on American courts and federal & state judges known as the American Bench. As a company, we believe in the power and integrity of knowledge, and our staff works year round to make our online and printed book directories the most definitive and up to date references available. The American Bench is widely considered to be the definitive biographical reference on America's judiciary in both federal and state courts. It contains biographical information on more than 20,000 judges with structural, geographical and jurisdictional facts. The comprehensive 3,400+ page reference is available in printed book or online subscription form and can help stay current with important changes in America’s Judiciary.

The American Bench is much more than a simple online directory of federal and state judges; the reference contains valuable knowledge for law schools and libraries including in-depth biographical information, gender diversity studies, profiles of court systems and judicial boundary maps. The American Bench is available in a two-volume book set or as a yearly online directory subscription that is frequently updated. For any person who appears before a judge or needs to research the American judiciary, this definitive reference directory is an invaluable resource with biographical information provided directly from federal and state court administrators themselves.

The biographical information contained in the American Bench is far more in depth than any other reference directory available. Inside the books you will find basic information such as the judge’s gender, political party, and educational background. In addition, our printed or online directory contains additional in depth biographical information on America’s federal and state court’s judges Bar association, practice admittance and positions, and social and civic activities. The contact information for both federal and state court official’s offices is also supplied in this section of the books or online subscription. Biographical information is also included for local judiciaries as well.

In addition to the in-depth biographical information contain in the directory, the gender diversity study, court profiles and federal and state judicial boundary maps provide essential knowledge for any law library or school to stay up to date with annual changes. The gender diversity study helps to illustrate the distribution of male and female judges, including yearly changes divided by level of jurisdiction. The reference books also contain an overview of judicial court staff and contact information for over 3,000 American courts.  Finally, this online directory contains maps for over one hundred federal and state jurisdictional boundaries. If you have the need for in-depth knowledge about America’s judges, invest in The American Bench reference in book or online form today.

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