The American Bench

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The definitive biographical reference on America's judges and courts. 

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For anyone who appears before a judge or needs to research the judiciary, or any member of it, THE AMERICAN BENCH is an invaluable tool full of information provided directly from the judges and court administrators themselves.

THE AMERICAN BENCH, since 1977, is the only directory with biographical information for more than 20,000 judges in all levels of federal, state and local courts with jurisdictional, structural and geographical facts on the courts they serve, as provided by federal sources and by the individual states. This comprehensive 3,400­+ page volume set is published annually, and will help you stay abreast of important changes in the judiciary.

It is much more than a list of judges, containing the following information:

  • Judge Biographical Section: Judges are arranged alphabetically by state and lists more than 20,000 federal and state judges.
  • Judge Alphabetical Name Index: Instant access to all listed judges including titles and courts served.
  • Gender Diversity Survey: Illustrates at a glance the distribution of male and female judges, including year to year changes, in both federal and state judiciaries. All judiciaries are further divided by level of jurisdiction, e.g., final appellate, intermediate appellate, general jurisdiction, and limited & special jurisdiction.
  • Court Profiles: Overview of each court system containing more than 3,000 courts.
  • Federal & State Judicial Boundary Maps: Over 100 Federal & State maps provide a thorough overview of the jurisdictional boundaries of the U.S. Courts of Appeals Circuits and the U.S. District Courts as well as selected state courts.

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